When I decided to write about this trip, I remembered a story KY3 anchor Ethan Forhetz had done saying he would like to meet Ozarkers in DC. After an email exchange & a few phone calls, we met at the Capitol & did an interview. I haven't seen it yet, so trust that it is good enough to share this link with you!

There are several sections of video on this & we are on at least 3 of them.


Our tourist activity for today was a visit to the lovely National Gallery of Art. I LOVE seeing works of art in person that I've always seen in books. Somehow it doesn't seem quite possible to be so close to a work by Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet, Degas & many others I admire so much.



January 19

Interview Day

This is the only Leonardo Da Vinci painting in the western hemisphere.

We did a little more tourist activity after the interview, but needed to rest & conserve our strength for tomorrow.

Did you know Nathan Hale was a schoolteacher? Do you remember Nathan Hale? Would you give even one life for your country?

Several times during my teaching career I have realized that I get to do some pretty cool things because I am a teacher. As Stevie Wonder says "Teachers, keep on teaching!" Let's do it! Thanks for letting me keep on teaching!

Ms. Miner



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