The adventure is underway! Last night we got our bags sorted out & I worked on the site getting Cool Ray’s picture up at long last. What do you think? Isn’'t he just the cutest little thing???

We left the lovely, although cold, Ozarks under sunny skies.  Nugget the cat has plenty of food & water & her warm box to sleep in. She will probably be asleep 90% of the time we are gone! On a lovely day like this it’s a good idea to take the scenic route over Beaver Bridge to get to Northwest Arkansas Airport.  It’s a nice little facility & easy to get to from our house. Here's my luggage, carry-on & gate check only. Ray's wasn't much more. Thankfully we could do laundry at Kathleen's.

The flight to Charlotte was uneventful except for being crowded. We got to Charlotte with a few minutes & only a few steps from our connecting gate. ……. You already know things are going too smoothly, right?

Our first greeting was that we would leave about 45 minutes late. That quickly turned in to over 4 hours. Now you know how some folks get under those conditions! Merciful heavens, Mabel! Some people just don’t know how to treat others, bless their hearts. The poor gate agent had just come on duty & people were all over her like she was entirely responsible for the delay. Get over it, people!!

I sat & knitted for a while, Ray had a book & we both got some computer time in. People watching is always enjoyable too. Several mochas & beers later we got on the flight & were at Dulles airport in just over an hour. A quick taxi ride got us to Kathleen's place & we are ready for adventures on Saturday.

More to come................................


Saturday Afternoon - Evening

Folks, its COLD here! Low 30s with a light wind. We bundled up & kept moving. The metro wasn't very crowded & we got to the Capitol & started the tour. The outstanding feature is the massive porta-potty presence! They are being used as barricades all over the place.

There were quite a few people walking around the back of the Capitol past the location for the swearing in ceremonies. We took several pictures & Kathleen & I took a bunch of pictures for other folks so they could be together in their souvenir pictures. It's one of my favorite good deeds & makes people smile. Here's the most popular pose

We took a break from the cold & went to the National Museum of the American Indian. There are a lot of great exhibits & is a spot to visit again.

Did I mention it was cold??? An early dinner seemed in order.

Off to Georgetown & Bistro Francais! Ray & I had the braised duck in raspberry sauce with wild rice & Kathleen had sea bass with leek & potato custard. Yummy! Just as good as I remembered from 12 years ago.


A bit more walking, shopping at Dean & DeLuca & back to the apartment to get ready for the big day on Sunday.

It's supposed to be warmer.......