15 or so degrees windchill make for styin' clothing!

Big crowds converged on the mall. This group was lucky, we went into a section without security, so didn't have to stand in line. We were supposed to meet up with the KY3 reporter again, but couldn't coordinate by cell phone because we couldn't get signals. Oh, well, one grasp of stardom is enough.

Our vantage point & below is right behind us. The Washington Monument is quite a bit in front & the capitol way beyond that.

Map of the National Mall

Wonder how he feels now?

Nice hat, Aretha!


January 20

Inauguration Day

We made it!! It was very cold this morning, but we are here for the inauguration, so we weren't going to miss it. Kathleen was not feeling great, so thought it was wise to stay in & watch it on TV.

No problems getting there or getting in. Our strategy was to enter from the back of the WWII memorial & work our way forward. When we reached the front of the memorial we could see the crowds around the Washington Monument. If we went much farther forward we wouldn't be able to see any of the big screens, so stayed on a little rise where we could see 2 screens.

It was special to be in the midst of a crowd that was so happy. That really couldn't come through on tv, but the crowd was very involved. Lots of cheering, smiles, shivering & just loving the moment. We were really right in the middle of a turning point in our history.

I hope we as a country can fulfill some of the dreams mentioned in President Obama's speech. There were a lot of amens, hallelujahs & that's right being said around me.

I was truly touched by the circumstances & feel blessed to have this kind of opportunity. I know it's not going to be instant change, but let's get the train chugging along smoothly.


Shots of the big screen

Michelle Obama & Jill Biden

Waiting for the big entrance

Joe Biden was having a super time today.

Did you see him at the parade?

The Chief Justice really shouldn't have tried to wing it on the oath. At first I thought Obama was nervous, then realized it wasn't that. Now some idiots are probably going to say he isn't REALLY sworn in since the oath was messed up. Get over it!

I liked the speech. I couldn't quote from it right now, but it was very moving.

Cool shades, dude!

Links for today:

http://www.cnn.com look on here for a satellite image of the crowd



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