Even as a little tyke, I was a tad off-center.....

One of my earliest crafting memories is being 4 years old & making doll clothes. I couldn't tie a knot in the thread, so I had to find Mum in the garden, kitchen, or wherever, to knot the end of the thread so I could keep sewing. She finally let me use the Singer Featherweight machine when I turned 6.

Thankfully, my six siblings & I were always surrounded by creativity. Mum was a superb quilter & excellent writer. Dad is a mechanical genius who was constantly working on some new creation. Sewing, dolls, jewelry & any number of other artistic pursuits popped up through the years.

So I come by quirkiness & far-reaching interests honestly.


My goal with Quirky SuZ designs is to have fun making wonderful things that will be enjoyed thoroughly by the person fortunate enough to have them.


Sometimes that will be me............

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Links to some of my family & friends & favorite sites


Savor Tooth Paleo produces yummy foods with extremely high quality standards and unique ingredients. Cyfrin has developed alternatives to allow people with specialized diets to enjoy meals that are familiar. My brother, Rodney, shares the business and art sides of this amazing journey.


The Miner clan is reviving a part of our childhood! Our dad, Earl Miner, created many wonderful inventions, but there are a couple of standouts. The Rocket is one of a kind & we hope to use it for good. The PET mobility cart has grown to over 60,000 worldwide! Check them both out & contribute to these important causes.

The Rocket

Gift of Mobility

You can join us in raising money for Alzheimer's disease research. We participate in area walks as Team Rocket.

Alzheimer's Association

Another Miner clan project was the Leona Love Quilt Weekend. Mother passed away in July 2017. Through our collective grief, we knew a way to spread her love. Let's give away her quilts to people who loved her! We kept some to donate or use for fundraisers for other causes. This album only has some of the huge collection!

Leona Love Quilt Weekend

My friend, Stacey, has a painting studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She makes jewelry, paints & sews all kinds of fun things. Her Facebook page has a variety of the paintings that have been featured so far. You can order prints from her website. My favorites are the old cars and trucks.


A former student has developed a great knife making business.


Sharon Laborde is a former colleague & a favorite Quirky SuZ client. She has allowed me to make several wonderful pieces for her. She writes & publishes books & has an interview show on internet radio.


Andy Favors Photography - Andy loves taking pictures of the natural beauty of Northwest Arkansas & anywhere he gets to travel. His eagle pictures are outstanding! He is doing woodworking projects now. Lots of cool designs!

Take a look - www.andyfavors.com

A wonderful yarn store in Rogersville, MO. I enjoy stopping on the way to see my folks in Marshfield. Here's a link to their Facebook page. If you need a fiber fix, this is the place!

One City Market

Vintage Cargo - a cool shop in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Jeff inspired me to create the Quirky Suz doll

Vintage Cargo

I spent 30 years teaching US History and other Social Studies subjects at Berryville High School in Berryville, Arkansas. Amazingly, I was in the same room all those years!



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