Cool Ray learned to make lampworked beads with a kit from a hobby store & videos on YouTube. Limitations imposed by the MAP gas torch became frustrating because he wanted to make more creative beads.

As his retirement from nursing grew closer, we decided to invest in better equipment to get hotter flames & better cooling down so he can make bigger & more innovative beads.

Cool Ray enjoys making beads in his own creative way & is always willing to try new combinations of colors & techniques.

Quirky SuZ & Cool Ray craft many of these one-of-a-kind beads into jewelry & other accessories. Some individual beads are sold for others to enjoy putting in their creations.

Fused glass, upcycled bottle art & tumbled glass round out the Hot Glass side of Cool Ray.

Most of these pictures are beads & jewelry that have already found homes. Keep watching & we will post pictures as new items are created.

Quirky SuZ & Cool Ray make a pretty good team!

Thanks for looking! Enjoy!


Green Speckled Gear Lime & Yellow Drop Swirl Gears Joy to the World
Blue Turkish Top Dramatic Drop Fishing Lures Red Gear
Blue Flower Garden

Chartreuse & Shine

Bear's Hat Pin

Vicki's Necklace

Betty's Necklace

Copper Blue Vine

Tumbled Wine Bottle Pendant

Lemon - Lime Set David's Hat Pin

Red Planet

in Split Washer

Ray's Hat Pin

Garden Drop

on Painted Chain

Big Mod Bead

magnifyWorry Beads - Executive Stress Relief