I love to do custom work & create something special.

This necklace was created to display a treasured keepsake from WWII.

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Custom creations are worked out individually. Basically it breaks down like this:



1. Send me a suggestion. If I make something like it, I'll send you an e-mail that it is being listed. There is no obligation on your part to buy the item this way. LeAnn asked if I would make chain belts, so I gave it a whirl & she liked them.

2. E-mail with a description of what you would like. I'll respond with my ideas & we can take it from there. If I cannot do the job -due to time constraints or other concerns- I will let you know. If I do commit to your order there will be a non-refundable deposit charged. Paula's necklace came from her suggestions of colors & length. The rest was up to me. She liked it & so do I!



3. In addition to the customization in #2, I can make a piece that includes a special item of yours. Sharon's arrowhead necklace is an example of this. She trusted me to work with her treasure & make it special so she could wear it often.




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