All of these pieces of jewelry have already found homes, so don't fall in love with one.

Quirky SuZ jewelry is one-of-a-kind, but if you like these pieces, ask if I can make something using the same materials. I might not be able to get similar components, but it doesn't hurt to check.

Each of the hat pins includes lampworked beads made by Cool Ray! He's going to make more & you'll see them in Quirky SuZ jewelry.

I like doing a lot of things, so here you go.

As I said, this gallery is quirky!

Contact me if you have any questions or comments.


Thanks for looking! Enjoy!


Custom Design - Juliana's Journey

This necklace represents my cousin Juliana's journey through a rough part of life. She came out with her head held high! She sent a message asking if I could make a necklace for her that she could wear or hang up as a touchstone or talisman. I sent pictures of various charms, pendants and words that I thought might be appropriate. She chose several and I took it from there. The aluminum was left from one of my dad's projects. I'd already made a couple of necklaces with these and thought it would be good for this piece.

Silver & black chains – two parts of the journey
Rings of Strength & Integrity – they reinforce each other
5 Swarovski crystals on the black chain – love, darkness, anger, depression, clarity & peace
Crystals on silver – birthstones for you & kids & your heart
Large key to the future
Vintage pearl represents older, wiser, women
Compass to steer your life
Button to hold things together
A propeller or windmill for Kansas
The aluminum base is one that Uncle Earl cut for one of his planes

Kathleen's Brown Fossils
Blue Washi Goddess
Golden Goddess
Nellie's Pearls
Our Sunset View Jonie's Heart Coral & Turquoise Christmas Gift for Nellie
Ribbit! Sara's Turquoise Bear's Hat Pin Hwy 248 Skeleton Tree
Green Flames Something Fishy Michelle's Gift Pink Fossils & Pearls
Channeling Georgia David's Hat Pin
Serene Green Janice's Green Our Backyard Grotto
Martha's Heart Orange Sunset After A Storm Swan & Dora's Gate
Perfection! Cate's Monster Orange Pop Pearls of Purple & Copper