How Suzanne spent most of the summer of 2008. Ray helped too.

This view is from the pool area back toward the house. We finally got rid of the last remnants of the old house! It was in the area at the left in this picture.

The herb garden. Everything is doing well since I got a watering system installed (the black hose on the left) and on a timer. We didn't need it this past week with the leftovers of Gustav coming down for several days. During the hot months the containers have to be watered twice a day. I planted squash & tomatoes this year, but the bugs got them. The only herb the worms really like is parsley. The brown patches in the yard are the last few places we cleaned up from the old house.

Another view of the old site. Now it can all be mowed.......

Our pool area! I combined a rock garden, containers & some plants actually in the ground. It isn't finished, but lots of progress this summer. I put the pool up while Ray was still recovering from the arm injury. Some creative propping & use of bungie cords allowed me to do it by myself. I don't advise it....... I got a winterizing kit so it doesn't have to come down this year. We love swimming in the evening or at night, so the torches come in handy for light & keeping bugs away. The rock areas will get more work next year.

The serenity corner. Lots of garden art & fun stuff - especially Hobby Lobby half-priced items! The lavendar went nuts this year (behind the blue ball) & the lemon grass in the pot is huge too. I got tan outdoor carpet to cover this area & it works pretty well.

Buddha under the lemon verbena in the pot. This area is also irrigated & on a timer. The grass in the rocks grew quite a bit - that's the part that needs a lot of work next year.

Ta-dah! The deck & pergola behind the house. In the first picture this is hidden behind the storage shed. Thankfully Ray's arm was almost healed by the time we did the pergola. Doing the deck with him using only one hand was not a lot of fun. We've really enjoyed this area. The dirt bank around the area is home to a couple of groundhogs & other critters. We put the red mulch down along the side of the house & all over the back area. More mulch is going to be used next year to cover some other places & make more paths. To the left is the outdoor kitchen with a big grill & to the right is the smoker & a spot for a chimnea or firepit later.

I built this potting/work bench to have a better working surface. To the left is the watering system & timer.

Ta-dah #2! I wanted a place to display my old china & finally have it! This is in the dining room of our other house (Ray's parents' place) known variously as the Hill House, Party House, Guesthouse or B&B. Does it sound strange to have a 1 bedroom house & a 3 bedroom guesthouse? I used a lot of paint & patience to finish this project, but got the look I wanted & have space to display my treasures.

Close look at the trim. Both pieces are stamped/embossed trim boards that I painted to go with the dishes & curtain. This is what took tons of patience! But it looks good!

Y'all come see it in person some time!